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Custom details:
Step 1. Select the product category and quantity you need.
We now support sweatshirt, long-sleeve T-shirt, short-sleeve round-neck T-shirt, short-sleeve V-neck T-shirt and hoodie customization. No matter how many pieces can be customized.
PS: If the number of customizations is large, you can contact customer service to apply for a discount for you.

Step 2. Understand your needs.
You can send the pattern or text you need to customize on Email or inbox. (

Step 3. Confirm the design.
After the customer service receives your needs, contact our designers to inform your needs in 24 hrs. And return the pictures of customized products, waiting for your confirmation.

Step 4. Start printing customization.
After you confirm the design drawing, the order will be sent to the factory to start printing and customization.

Step 5. Wait for delivery.
It is estimated to take 10-20 days from the production of the product to the delivery to your hands.This depends on the shipping method you choose.

Note: If you are interested in personal customization, please contact us!

Contact us : Our email address is: We look forward to hearing from you.